Our UPS delivery lady threw several boxes into the yard into the mud late at night when she realized we had dogs.I also have a front door and if she would knock or ring the doorbell-I would answer!

She is far too lazy! She also left an open box, that happened to be a present for my husband's upcoming theme birthday party (AKA ruin one gift it ruins them all) looking like she had run it over in my driveway. I worked for UPS out of high school-I know that you aren't supposed to leave packages without first leaving a note for attempted delivery, I also know the person you deliver to is supposed to mark their preference so that they can be sure to receive the parcel undamaged. I have never been left a slip and the chick just tosses boxes at my place after dark.

I sincerely hope she gets fired.

I would gladly pay the post office extra for them to handle my packages-they are kind and respectful and I have never received damaged post from them.UPS SUCKS!

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