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on friday about 8 am mailbox holders have 24 hour key in, the store opens at 8 am for customers i went to check my mailbox at this location at 668 north coast highway i pay 25.00 an month they lied when i got box saying it is same as having an regular address the postal service will not even honor it it is as you have nothing my i go in only one employee one who has never liked me i do not know for sure why he is setting up for the day I am disabled can not walk with out an walker this employee could care less he is wing directly in my path giving me these dirty looks I say you do not like me do you his says what do you mean then about 20 seconds later he says you can be mean at times then he went to his mumble jumble mocking short answers grunts moans when I said I was going to tell the owners he grunted that is good I try to leave remember that the store does not open till 8 I am backing out the door this guy tries to come in as i am leaving jerks the door that I am relying on to guide me with the door against my back area i tell this guy not to grab the door he starts yelling at me calling me names i will not repeat here this guy refused to move i had to spin around to the open area of door what i did not know was that this guy who had came to this ups store an couple of minutes after i had entered had piled 3 or 4 boxes directly in this opening that i was forced to turn into i tripped backwards sitting on the boxes when i partly gathered my bearings i tried to kick these boxes with my legs backwards this made rhis guy mad then in severe pain i spin around this guy still blocking my way thought i was going to hit him doubled up his fist sawing he was going to hit me i tell him you *** i was not going to hit you he still stood in the way calling me names on and on finally i forced my way by this guy recorded his licence plate number this employee said nothing did nothing later when i called Terri one of the owners ask her if this employee who i had complained about before she said he said you were upset on the phone[when i called]said all she knew was he saidthat i was upset on the phone she cut him off to come to the phone remember store does not open till 830 am this was at about 805 am left out i sleep on the streets do not consider my self homeless or second class citizenI have lived in my country all my life no pun to anyone else do not boycott places like this get an tape recorder or covert camera around 50.00 or so if you do not get answers local contact Washington DC all these big corporations care about is money they will lie cheat steal to get your money you can download programs turn certain phones into spy cameras, recorders do not lie I had told this employee i was recording him I send all in to federal government note it is late i am tired sorry i did not edit thank you david

Reason of review: lots of pain.

I didn't like: Civil rights violations, Do not care about customers, Incompetent staff.

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