Pointe-Calumet, Quebec
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My package arrived on Thursday but they didn't want to give it to me because the COD was on another box in another truck(my package came in 2 boxes). So the box without the COD the driver took it back and never delivered it back to us.

We went to the warehouse for pickup only to have the customer representative tell us that it is impossible to give us our package because they already loaded into the truck for another delivery attempt, which we specified to customer service that we were going to pick it up at the warehouse. Of course they are so incompetent they can't get anything right, then we spoke to a superior at customer service to have our package be delivered no later than monday night, and when i went to track my package it says that an attempt was made in the evening but that was *** because my husband and I were home all evening and they never delivered the package or even try to make an attempt. So we called customer service once again and they told us that the driver *** up and that he was going to bring our package just after 7pm and the *** of a driver never showed up again. So we are getting very frustrated right now because they are holding our package which we paid for and they do not want to deliver it to us.

I HATE UPS!!!!!!!!! They already have a horrible reputation it is only a matter of time people and companies will stop using UPS for any shipment. Very incompetent employees, they keep lying to their clients, honestly i really don't know how they are still in business. It is time to hire competent employees and change their policies.

I never had problems with FEDEX or Purolator, you can bet that next time if i have the choice i will go with one of those 2 shipment companies. Never again with UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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