Allendale Charter Township, Michigan

I have a long driveway that I share with a neighbor who gets UPS deliverys 2 - 3 times a week. This UPS driver speeds down the driveway so fast that I have already called to complain and get it to stop.

Well it didn't, I have three small boys who play out in front, and with the blind corner the truck has to turn on, I am afraid for them. Finally, the other day I was actually hit by this guy as I was leaving my house to pick up the kids. I have heard ZERO from customer service just a letter from their insurance provider stating that "they have not decided whether or not it was their fault" meanwhile I have a busted up car!

So here is a facebook page I've started so that all victims of careless UPS drivers can come together and get their attention! PLEASE JOIN ME AT:

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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First of all this complaint does not ring TRUE.Once a UPS truck hit my vehicle on the expressway.The driver got out of the truck and Stated he was so sorry for hitting my vehicle.The driver stated he was on his way in for the day and Did not see me next to him in the opposite lane.Before i even got home UPS had already telephoned me about the accident.UPS not only paid for my vehicle to be fixed.They also sent me a check also for not trying to SUE the company.This was an accident.And UPS was on top of this matter immediately.Thanks UPS FOR STANDING UP AND PAYING UP.If you work with UPS and THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY.They will WORK WITH YOU.But if you try to BEAT UPS or *** UPS YOU WILL LOSE BIG TIME.


I agree with Dark. If you share the driveway then it is not YOUR driveway. Insurance proceedings take time.


Is this the first time you've ever had to deal with insurance? Seriously? Quick clue there sport, it's a process. Did you really expect USP to show up same day with a blank check for you? Get a clue.

And as to who was to blame for the accident, a non-partisan might think a "blind corner" favors neither party, ie it is just as likely to be your fault. In fact, based on the facts presented, the preponderance of blame should probably lie with the *** that purchased a property with a "blind corner" for a driveway.