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I received my package from a seller in the USA last week. Total package cost was $180. A week later I receive in the mail a bill for $50 claiming that I owe them for the following:

Entry Prep Fee: $29.00

Bond Fee: $6.00

DUTY $0.00

Customes GST $9.75

Brokerage Tax $1.75

Total was $46.50

So let me get this straight, I paid NOTHING for IMPORTING DUTY fee and then $46.50 to line their pockets????? What a joke. So I called into the UPS CSL and asked about all the charges and all they could say was that this was their fee structure and it was what is was. I asked for an explanation on what their process was and for a copy of the process, and again they said it was for the processing of paperwork. I have no idea what they have to do that involves $46.50 worth of time, since no duty was paid, and it seems excessive. My advice, DONT SHIP WITH UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go FED EX or Canada Post. I will never us UPS again and will advise everyone the same

Monetary Loss: $47.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #634827

are you dense? goods and service tax (gst) and brokerage tax sound like highway robbery so you blame the carrier?

did you miss the word TAX? tax. tax, as in fees paid to the government.

you probably really think your health care is free too. genius.

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