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On June 8, 2021, my daughter visited The UPS store #5919 (**** Tidewater Dr. Ste.

206, Norfolk, VA 23505) to return a jean jacket to Amazon for me. Unfortunately, she mistakenly handed an Old Navy bag full of shorts and shirts (around $98) for my husband for Father's Day to the rep thinking it was the jacket.

Regardless, we realized the mistake and immediately contacted the store on the morning of June 11. We spoke to Carlethia and the assistant manager, Alexis. Carlethia clearly remembered the Old Navy bag of clothes, also siting that she saw Old Navy cash in the bag (because she had worked there before) and thought it was odd that the bag of Old Navy clothes was being returned to Amazon.

Carlethia also stated that the bag was boxed separately with its own label and mailed back to Amazon the night before (6/10).

We quickly called UPS and Amazon and had the package rerouted back to us. Unfortunately, there has been no additional tracking or updates on this package. We have not received the package back. We have called Amazon and UPS more than 20 times respectively.

UPS stated they would investigate, but has not been able to provide any clear information about what happened to the package.

Amazon finally stated on July 25, 2021, that this error lies completely with UPS. The package has disappeared and has not arrived at their warehouse...period. They cannot take responsibility or return the package because there is no tracking information from UPS stating the package was delivered to them.

If the package was delivered to Amazon, they said they would send an email to us stating that we would not receive a refund because the incorrect merchandise was returned (the Old Navy bag). Also, Amazon stated the notes on the package would have had us contacted, and the package returned to us.

Update - 11/2021:

UPS asked that I provide the Old Navy receipt, which I did - twice

Now, they give Amazon and me the run-around every time we call claims

User's recommendation: Beware - UPS will steal your stuff.

Monetary Loss: $98.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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