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Friday afternoon i come home to a final notice on my door about ups delivering a package i ordered. THEY NEVER EVEN PUT 1ST OR 2ND NOTICE! So I go to my landlord hoping they leave it there and noo *** ups takes it back and has the nerve to say if i'm not at my apt then they will send it back to the shipper which is so *** b/c duh I'm working how am I going to receive it and I live alone and everyone else I know works like normal people should and when I call them they expect me to go and pick up the package which is so out of my way and I don't have time to go get it arent they suppose to deliver ugh they are making me so mad!!!

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #661409

Also have issues with UPS. After explicitly stating a time of delivery suitable for me, the drivers still come in the middle of the day. Clearly no communication between their CODs and their drivers.

That's not even my biggest issue, they kept the parcel in storage for about a week as the shipping address was not complete. They called me to "fill in the blanks" and afterward they charge me the storage costs.

I refuse to pay that, as I have made sure the shipper has the correct details and it is not my responsibility to make sure the details are kept in accordance throughout the shipment. Dealing with children, I've been patient since Mid April, its June 07 today - still haven't received parcel, not to mention any kind of descent service from either WarnerArtists or UPS. I am losing my temper now.

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