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I ordered an item on Zappos.com 2/20/13 and they have next day delivery, o the next day I am expecting my package I get home to find notice on my door 1st attempt.......What!!! They is some non sense because who is home at 12:39 most Americans have a job so I called customer service which sucked I argued with the representative who never gave me a solution to my package being redirected to my house for delivery so I spoke to a supervisor name Zoey who was soooooo rude I'm blasting her and she put me on mute and thought I didn't know it and then when I told how rude she was she said "I'm not the only one who needs her attention" wow!!!!! This is e company I hope goes under because they are the worst!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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if you live in the type of neighborhood where things go missing from the front porch, then UPS won't leave it without a signature. would you rather they leave it and then it gets stolen? also, zappos may have requested a signature.

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