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A shipping from sleepy delivery by UPS. I did not receive my order and contacted sleepy on 6.3.2013.

So sleepy put an investigation on this with UPS. I received a phone call on 6.7.2013 around 12noon and she state she calling from the UPS local store stating I claim I didn't receive my shipment and now they have to paid sleepy $370 and start harassing and unprofessionally rude. So I contact the UPS 800number and filed a complaint of time and date of call received. And I guess they tracked her down and she got in trouble because she start calling my cell and home phone yesterday 6.19.2013 7:41pm.

First call i pick up she state she calling from Allstate insurance and that there's a claim against me that I backup at the parking lot of CVS near my house and I bump into another car and confirmed me that i drive a ML350 and ask me did this occur?! Then I said no, I rarely goes CVS and that I have not backup into any other car before. She keep accusing me that I lie and blah.blah.blah so I got *** off and told her do whatever Allstate want to do with the claim and investigate it. Then she said well you can settle this claim without going on file and paid the couple $370 dollar for the bumper damage.

Then I told her she must be crazy! She wouldn't let me hang off the phone so still I hang up on her and told her do whatever she need to do on her end. Then right away I contacted Allstate and confirm no claim on my policy so that was a scam. I was so *** to talking to her for so long, I should have notice from the start.

Then I realize it must be her from the UPS store that called a week ago with the same tone, voice, attitude and $370. Phone been ringing again and again since I hang her up. The second time I pick up the phone was at 8:29pm and again she said she calling from Allstate and been trying to call me for the past half hour. Right away I told her I know who you are, you are the lady from the UPS that I file a complaint of so stop calling here!!

When she hear that the last thing she said to me was be careful what you say because I know where you live and what car you drive. I told her I'm gonna call the police and track her down and hang up on her. Her call to me was blocked so can't see her number. Then about 20mins later a pizza was delivery to my house and I told them that this is a scam and if they receive private call again don't make delivery for this address.

I also contact UPS 800number again and told them the above matter. A guy name M-- called me back from UPS complaint dept. state he read over all the note from day 1 but can not give me her name or information because this time she not calling me from the UPS office and this is between me and her now so theres nothing he can do. But I don't understand, she got my information of name,address, cell & home phone through the UPS delivery info.!

So this is between me and her now???!

I live her for 8 years. This never happen to me before this incident and you telling me I can't be sure that was her?!

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