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I need to add my complaint to the thousand of other complaints I see here. The new UPS driver for my area will not deliver packages to my door.

We are located in an out laying area at the end of his run. The driver is taking all our packages to the Post office, they then send me a pink slip and I have to have someone drive to town to pick it up from there. I am handicapped and live alone. I order "everything" online so I do not have to pay to have someone pick up my purchases from brick and mortar outlets .

Now I have to pay extra money to have my caregiver do the job that I already pay UPS to preform. When did you change your service to only provide half the job? You advertise home delivery and then do not provide it. I am always at home so they are not taking the packages to the post office because they can't deliver to me in person.

Nothing I order needs to be signed for in the first place?


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: deliver my packages to my door, not the post office in town where I have to drive into town to pick them up.

I didn't like: Will not deliver packages to my door.

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Flushing, Michigan, United States #1233005

Part of your problem may be the new SUREPOST system that ups uses in conjunction with the postal service. If this is the case and the shipping lables on the packages you recieve say surepost instead of ups ground then your fight is with the companies you are ordering from. They get a cheaper rate to send it as surepost which means that ups does the long distance shipping and delivers it to the post office and the post office does the final delivery.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1230272

The blame is squarely on the party you order from.

They are using a bare bones least costly way to send it to known as SUREPOST, where the Post Office makes the final delivery.

To not have this problem in the future, instruct the Shipper to send it to you UPS ground.

Then, UPS will be the one delivering to you.

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