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I ordered some computer parts for my girlfriend, and it was shipped early. We checked on Monday to see when it would be delivered, and it said Monday. We put off our plans for that entire day, and later 7:30pm passes by and I decide to call them to see if it is still coming. The lady said they deliver up to 9pm and if it doesn't get there today, it will tomorrow.

They didn't show up, I call back and explain it didn't arrive and to find out they had my address wrong the whole time.

We wait all day Tuesday for it, doesn't show up. At 5pm we notice on the tracker that it said he attempted delivery and that we weren't home. We were there all day! I call them up again, the guy didn't care and basically thought we didn't answer the door since the driver lied about delivering it.

I was pissed off, but still civil about it, and they said someone from the distribution place would call in an hour. He called and said he would ask the driver to redeliver it. I told him I would wait outside for him to make it easy, he agreed and said that the driver would CALL ME in 30min max when he was nearby.

It is nearly 8pm at this point, over 1hr passed by, no phone call or anything, and I tried calling back to ask what the deal was, but the person I talked to previously left his phone off the hook!

I'm waiting outside for an hour and I see his truck go down a side street away from my complex, he reappears 10 min later at the very end of the road near the traffic light and parks his truck to I guess deliver a package at the very end of the street. I had to run to the very end of the street to stop him because I knew he was just going to leave for good after that.

I stopped the driver, told him my name, etc. He got my package, and asked why he had a problem delivering it. He said "Someone stole my remote control," (our complex is gated, but you can still get in) which was BS because he said after that "Oh usually the office let's me in." (the office does not give out remote controls to non-residents...)

Basically, he would not deliver the package because the office closed at 5pm, and he lied about putting a notice on our door (he didn't even enter the complex!). I honestly suspect he might have been planning on stealing it because it has a huge Newegg logo on the box, which means expensive stuff is inside. In the end, I had to sprint down the road to stop the driver just to get my box.

Oh and one more thing, they never had a problem delivering to us before... just depends on if the driver is a POS or not.

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The address they had on the 2nd day was CORRECT. No one seems to actually realize this.


I'd be more pissed at the company you ordered it from if they put the wrong address on it, unless you gave them the wrong address, in which case you should be pissed at yourself.

And I read the whole post, but I suppose I'm a *** too. Everyone's wrong but you, lol.


You two are morons, and obviously didn't read my post. Somehow, the address on file at was sent to UPS without the apartment number.

It could have been either one of their faults, I don't know. Either way, I was OK with the 1st day, mistakes can happen.

The driver's negligence and their call center's lack of customer care on the 2nd day is what pissed me off. Read the entire post before you start resorting to insulting someone's maturity.


You all are morons (and obviously didn't read my post), they had the incorrect address from the company that I ordered my parts from. Somehow my address they had was incorrect from what was on newegg, which I was OK with that.

Mistakes can happen, no big deal. The 2nd day is what pissed me off.

They had my correct address that time, but the driver was a ***. Learn to read.


So, the company you ordered it from sent it to the wrong address, and you're wondering why you had a problem receiving it?.....Wow dude.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #138521

"I call back and explain it didn't arrive and to find out they had my address wrong the whole time."

Well then perhaps you should have gotton a parent to help you give the correct address? How could you not know your own address?

Why do you assume he was lying? Learn your correct address. Why are your parents not going over your correct address incase you get lost. The reason they had a problem this time was your parents did not help you when it was time to give your address.

If they deliver regulary they do have a remote control.

Quit assuming everyone is lying, quit assuming the world is against you. I know at your age(8) it seems that way, but it isn't.

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