My mother sent a package at Christmas time 2012 from Greensboro, NC to Menlo Park, California with "GUARANTEED DELIVERY" before Christmas. It didn't get there before Christmas, but 3 days late.

A guarantee is guarantee. She's been back to the store twice and with me once to speak the the manager and get her money back. The UPS store acknowledges it, says they have filed it with UPS, and is waiting until they get paid to refund her the money. The store is located at Pisgah Church Road.

IT IS NOW MAY and she hasn't gotten ANYTHING. Not a dime, not an explanation, not an apology. I find that all unacceptable!

The UPS guarantee is not a guarantee at all, but a deceptive marketing ploy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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It never takes that long to process a refund. Dishonest store owner and legit gripe most likely.

to Slick Walnut Creek, Ohio, United States #648643

exactly what i was thinking. the tracking would help clarify that. a call to corporate in san diego may be a last resort.

Boise City, Oklahoma, United States #648617

what is the tracking number?

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