I had three separate packages that were guaranteed to arrive by Christmas that still haven't been delivered as of 7:oopm on 12/27. They arrived in Fort Worth (within 10 miles of my home) on 12/22, but apparently UPS couldn't be bothered to "process" the truck o get the packages delivered by Christmas Eve.

Earlier in the month, the Mesquite hub held onto one of my packages for over a week after they received it.

I agree with the poster who recommended a boycott, but we need to boycott the companies that use UPS as their preferred shipper Maybe then UPS will address its issues.

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Sacramento, California, United States #764284

First and foremost I'm not a UPS employee. UPS employees work very hard to get those packages to all of you CRY BABIES/IDIOTS that expect their packages by Dec.

24th/25th. Have you CRY BABIES/IDIOTS taken into consideration MOTHER NATURE? UNDERSTAND UPS tried their hardest.

Nothing you can do when their is a Snow storm - got it!!!!


to Anonymous Keller, Texas, United States #766379

There was no snow storm! We had ice for two days.

That doesn't justify a week delay indelivering packages . People paid good money for timely service This is about the management at UPS cutting corners to make a bigger profit. They should have hired more employees to handle the added volume at Christmas like they used to when it was a private company.

Instead they disappointed thousands of customers to pad the bottom line. You probably got all your packages, or you would be angry as well.

to Anonymous #767414

The only idiots on here are the people who think that everyone "shopped too late". I personally have been waiting on a car part for three weeks. And it was the only one available. It is stuck in Mesquite with no known delivery date. They are not working on the backlog. I am sure that the employees are working as hard as they can. The problem is corporate and their poor decisions. There are businesses waiting on inventory; not just people wanting Christmas presents.

So look in the mirror if you want to see an ***.

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