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Used UPS Store and had son's retainer delivered to him in Rome while on vacation. 80$ for overnight service on June 8th. UPS Store mucked up a piece of needed info.

First attempt on June 18th. Held hostage until June 23rd. UPS Store "paid" charges to send back to them in Woodland CA.

Second attempt made to SAME HOTEL in Rome on June 28th.

Called to get some type of service. Worked wonderfully.

Package out for delivery in Rome on July 1st.

Buy $300 retainer.

Pay $80 for delivery to Rome

Almost have to pay $80 to return package

21 day European vacation (and counting) for retainer: Priceless

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There is no overnight service to Rome, and no one at the UPS Store would have told you that. The transit times are right on the screen, they don't just make them up.

And by "held hostage" I assume you mean, but don't know, that Italian customs are the ones holding onto it because they are notoriously corrupt and do it all the time. They're probably going to try to collect a tariff on the next delivery attempt as well, so be ready for that.