Lawrence, Kansas
Not resolved

I have a basic account to purchase/print labels. But if you want to print those invoices for e.g.

your company credit card statement, you have to sign up for electronic billing or package service acct. Good luck with that. It requires

1) Invoice # - (what invoice!? I'm trying to sign up)

2) Amount due this period (Due?!

Nothing is due, I don't even have this kind of account!)

3) Invoice date (this again...)

4) Control Number.


Called UPS, they looked over my account and "can't figure out why they can't see my previous purchases".

Oh, and their phone menu - whereas there may be 25 unique reasons to call UPS they give you a handful from which to choose and none of those match. Saying, "Operator" only sends you to a chastisement that warns you to make a valid selection.

This whole system looks as if it has been programmed by someone who still owns a Commodore 64.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Website.

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