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I am scheduled to leave on a one year long assignment overseas. I placed an order which took about five days longer than another package that was shipped out the same day.

The package needed a signature (which I didn't know) and I missed the first attempt. I was assurred the next day it would be delivered. I waited at my house and at 12:30 a driver showed up but said that the package must be on another truck. He said he couldn't call the other truck.

Apparently UPS just delivers electronics but doesn't use them. Anyway, I kept calling to see if the package was still out and was assured that it would come and that I should be patient. At 7:00 PM I called and was told that drivers can't return to the warehouse until all packages are delivered. I was told to give them until 10:45PM because of heavy volume.

I waited, checking occassionally with the customer service folks. In the end, I don't have it, can't pick it up and can't have it delivered until Monday. I leave on Sunday, so the package will not get to me on time. What a huge runaround.

I will use FedEx or anyone else from know on. UPS is not the company it once was. This isn't the first time they gave me the runaround but it is the first time that they completely failed. BS at every turn.

All for a $140.00 tool.

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