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UPS screws up more than they get it right. I am to the point that if a mail order company only uses UPS I will not shop with them.

I have the perfect way to get even with UPS, Take 10 pounds of dead frozen fish, go to ups store, ship package across country to a warm area, sit back and smile. Playback is a mother. Tried this a couple of times, got telephone call on disposable cell trying to contact me.

Next time it will be frozen roadkill skunk. Good luck to ups in trying to find out who shipped the package.

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Wow! You sir are on par with the likes of Einstein and Hawking.

So you are going to use your own money to first purchase 10 pounds of frozen fish and a disposable cell phone, then the packaging materials and shipping costs all so UPS will toss your “ingenious prank” package in a dumpster as soon as it begins to stink a little or leaks.

Better yet, suffer through packaging and transporting of some smelly road kill package just so an obviously brighter than you employee, whom I can only assume can smell foul odors, tells you they can’t/won’t ship your idiotic mess and has security escort your brain dead *** out the door and/or calls the cops because you’re trying to ship bio hazardous materials. HAHAHAHA, you’ll sure show UPS you master of revenge, you!!!


That is funny! Get back at them by doing business with them LOL. Does he think he will be the first person to ship something that has an odor to it?


How old are you? 12?


And if the package smells like rotting meat, they'll just throw it out.

Considering you of course have to pay for this, doesn't seem like you've thought this "revenge" through very well. Thanks for the laugh though.

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