One Afternoon we made a godly sin of checking off ground shipment option when we really meant to ship overnight.

Within 5 mins. of pick up we were on the phone trying to correct the problem. Talked to 4 different people who said sorry can't help you.

So, we accept OK shipment is going to take 4 days to Iowa when we really wanted to ship overnight.

So, next the package arrives in an Iowa depot, and then I see that UPS has noted "customer want to intercept package"

So, before they deliver, UPS decides to intercept package and send it back to us!

Now what kind of a ***, backward, retard person would do that? What for? why?

Someone there decide, Oh, these guys wanted to ship overnight. So when the package arrives, we'll divert it back to them so that they can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sin of it is any UPS Moran reading this would LOL and say " that's right. You should have marked your package right in the first place!!!!!!!!!

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Palacios, Texas, United States #668624

What is so funny is that you made the initial mistake but can't believe (or won't forgive) someone else's 'mistake.'

Please do yourself a favor and look up the words hypocrite and irony.

Northeast Harbor, Maine, United States #668015

Ummmm.... UPS does not give complimentary upgrades in service!

No more so than a Hotel giving you a suite for the cost of a basic room, or a Restaurant giving you an upgrade to a T-Bone Steak for the price of a hamburger.

You paid for ground service, you got ground service.

You wanted next day air, they have to return it to you so you can send it next day air !

The only one to blame for this is you, for your lack of attention to detail !

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