While trying to locate my package I discovered that customer is useless to the package receiver. The phone number connects to a computer, not a real person and only does what it is programed to do. No provisions for lost packages exist.

Their e-mail claim service is a big joke. They ask for information on the shipping label. If I don't have the package then I don't have the shipping label. You can't file a claim whithout it. I can't find any way to contact a living human being at UPS without going to their wharehouse

and wasting more time. I eventually found my package at the end of my driveway 350 feet from my house 2 days later as I

was leaving even though tracking said it was left on my front steps. Either the driver was too lazy to get out of his truck or he does'nt know to backup or turn his truck around. My main problem is with management. Why would they setup a customer line that does'nt provide any service?

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