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I had been waiting all day for a package which was out for delivery. Finally at 6pm I checked the tracking information, which said


There was no delivery card at the door, and noone had buzzed. The driver obviously had packages left, and it was after 5pm on a friday, so they entered a fake delivery attempt into their system and went home for the day, leaving me waiting until monday for the package.


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UPS drivers are all lazy ***. Only once has a drive attempted to buzz himself in and go up 2 floors to deliver my package - the rest of the time, despite someone being at home and waiting for the package, they just pretend to have attempted delivery and leave. Goddammit, UPS drivers are obnoxious ***, I have 0 respect for them.


I had the same problem this morning too. They claimed that they tried to deliver the package at 7:30am.

I was home the whole time and my door bell didn't ring at all.

I am gonna report this on consumer report.


I was supposed to get an overnight for Saturday delivery. No signature required, no notice left, no package left, and I was sitting in the same room as my front door with my two dogs.

No one ever came. Every other package just gets left, especially small packages from Amazon. When they do deliver, I watch them run toward the door, toss the package from four feet away, and run back to the truck. At least then I get my package.

Obviously I wouldn't order something for overnight Sat.

delivery if I didn't want it until Monday. I called customer service and they said they would get back to me very soon, I guess that will happen on Monday too.


Have this problem with UPS all the time. I live in an apartment building that requires climbing stairs to reach my floor.

Problem didn't begin until I moved here.

*** UPS and their *** lazy drivers. Would you like it if I falsified my MAR to say you got your PRN analgesic because I couldn't be bothered with walking to your room?


*** all. Get off your fat *** and answer the door the first time.

We have caught on to your B.S.. so you can get back your delivery charges. If you are reading a delivery attempt notice who you think put it there the delivery notice fairy. Open the F'n door because we don't want to come back to your *** hole residence again.

P.S. I bet you get the door when the pizza guy comes.


You people are all idiots. I have been a UPS driver for 20 years and this complaint drives me nuts.

What do you people think the motivation for not delivering your pkg. is? So we can have another stop the next day? I deliver 170 stops a day and every one i can't get delivered in 1 more iI will have tomorow.

My diad (scanner) must scan the pkg within 100 feet of the address and we now scan the delivery note now also. GPS keeps track of all the deliveries.

Maybe its the customers not telling the truth in order to get the drivers too come back on the same day. :sigh


This I believe to be the most frequent excuse UPS uses when unable to deliver a package. You would think though that the delivery people would be smart enough to use another excuse given the reason why the package was shipped in the first place that it is that important for the receiver to be waiting around for it.

I too have had this happen to me several times. So, what I did is I approached the delivery guy and told him that I am always home waiting for my packages and that the claim that he came by and no one was home was a lie.

Since then, he's delivered every package and even gives me a courtesy call when he's outside my building.


I live in a flat with a door entry system. They left a note outside the door to the close but they never even attempted to deliver it! They never buzzed up or nothing.


Exactly the same has been happening with me. The driver is simply lying.

I have posted my own complaint here, but then what is the point? They dont even read messages left the call center why on earth would anybody read message left here?


I have had the same experience with UPS as well as Purolator (Canadian company).

They are all the same.