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I was watching the tracking information twice a day. There was an entry that stated that the package had been delivered and signed for by a person I do not know.

I live at an apartment but the note on the tracking details said that the package was left at the "dock". UPS customer service was useless. He would not answer any of my questions and demanded that I contact the sender. I called a local UPS store.

I had to call several times because the phone had a busy signal. When I finally got through, the lady was much nicer and she was apologetic in her inability to assist me. She said that a fraud investigation has been launched and that I will not get my package for at least six weeks.

I am truly amazed at the gross incompetence of UPS from the driver all the way up to customer service and administration. These people are proud of their stupidity and complete lack of common sense.

A driver drops the package wherever to be rid of it and gets a stooge to sign "BENS" on the documentation. I request that the package be delivered to the address on the package but instead it has to be withheld from me for six weeks while mentally retarded monkeys at UPS do a fraud investigation. If these people are too *** to read an address, how is it possible to do a fraud investigation?

This is the same logic as taking a dummy out of special ed and placing them in a class for Algebraic Topology. I am in awe of the ***.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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Here's what happened.

You called and talked to someone nice at a local UPS Store but she didn't do anything so no one knows your package is not where it is supposed to be.

How do I know?

Because the UPS Store has nothing to do with the delivery of your package, unless they shipped it from their store. The only people that CAN help you are the shipper or UPS the carrier.

The nice lady wanted to get you off the phone and get back to work so she told you what you wanted to hear. Because she doesn't get paid to do that. Just as if you had called McDonalds or Home Depot asking someone there to help you.

And UPS wouldn't do anything for her anymore than if you had Home Depot call to help either.

Call your shipper and ask THEM to help find your package.

They are who UPS has to answer to, they paid for the invoice when the package shipped. UPS owes them an explanation and they actually have leverage to get help, why do you dim bulbs insist on calling the wrong people to ask for help?

Austin, Texas, United States #842016

You're a little insensitive and prejudiced, and frankly wrong, certain autism cases actually EXCEL at mathematics, BUT...

I agree that they are monkeys with computers. The only NCRC test I didn't platinum or 100% was the locating information section, so you would think that people who do paperwork for a living could just punch in a couple keywords, find the driver, then check his gps and his scanner and figure out where he left it, in around 5 minutes they should be within the ballpark.

What I REALLY hate is that there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER to tell them in advance where to leave a package.

I find them on my porch, in my garage, even my cars. What if I had a girl over and she didn't check the back seat before I need my parcel, United service?

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