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Ordered merch from a store in Oregon, made it all the way across the country, called to arrange delivery well beforehand with the local UPS receiving center, wait around all day on the supposed date of delivery for them to call as previously arranged and after the agreed upon end time, NO CALL!! When I call the local UPS receiving center and inquired as to where's my stuff?, they were like "Oopsie we forgot to load it on the truck." Are you serious bro?!?!

So I had to drive 30 miles one way to pick it up at their office (didn't want them to 'forget to load it on the truck' again)!! So much for the pre-arranged delivery!!

Thanks for nothing UPS. BTW you owe me $25.00 for gas and another $10 for the ticket I was going to use that night but had to miss to go get my stuff.

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rick - Apparently you are not a UPS customer, quit commenting on things you know nothing about.

This wasn't your local brown truck, this was a freight shipment.


what do you mean you "arranged the delivery" beforehand? ups does not arrange a delivery time, and they don't call before delivering it. doesn't happen.

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