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I purchase a backpack from Ebags on Aug 18 and it was to be shipped and left no signature needed. I waited all day and I left it was 7:15Pm and I left a notice to leave the package and shortly after I left the UPS came and did not leave the package.

So I called and complain about it was not left. The UPS Supervisor told me the company wanted a signature and when I told UPS i called the company and they did not want a signature then UPS change the story to it s the driver digression. And I said it's okay for the UPS truck to drive fast up and down the road and up and down my drive way to drop a package to another house. So a complaint was issued for the driver.

And A supervisor from State College PA called me and left a message and never a phone number to call back. I have been waiting for my package and now another package and I have called and ranted and rave for the past week now. So today I saw a notice in my email the driver came I went out and saw no notice except my sign info notice still there so I called UPS. spoke to a Melissa ID:TPA9MMK 9:23pm on 30 aug 2013 to see why my package was not delivered and no notice left on door by driver.

I told her left a notice sign to leave package. Supervisor Brandon. The last info notice states final attempt when in fact only 1 can be final the other has until 8/31 to be left since that was only 2 days tempt. I have been tracking my packages and getting updates on delivery status and I receive one last night that state I refused the packages I have been waiting for and I can prove I was never home when this driver came.

So tell me how could I refuse a package. And I have proof where I was all day and night.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

  • False documentation on packages
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I just had a similar experience here in Rosemead, CA. I noticed that the shipment was late and so I requested the Ebay shipper to send my the tracking number.

Then I found out from the tracking# info that a third delivery attempt was made and UPS is sending it back to the shipper.

Strangely, I did not receive a single notice from the driver. I think the driver got busy or lazy and didn't even bother to leave a notice.


I'm assuming the other comment is BS spam....

For your complaint though, receiving UPS packages is hard to coordinate. If a package needs a signature, you need to wait for the first info-notice to come, then sign it and they will leave the package at your doorstep.

If they won't for whatever reason, call the 800# and schedule it to be held at your local UPS hub/sorting facility.

You can also have a package sent to a UPS Store for $5. I don't know why people waste their entire day waiting for a package when you can have it sent there for only $5!!!!!