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I work at an online internet store. Customer do their shopping on our website and we ship to them with courier mail. We were working with 3 different courier companies, UPS, DHL, Fedex. We started having several problems with Fedex and UPS.

UPS - They have VERY BAD customer service. When packages were not delivered on time or the tracking number they provided was not working, we would have to call customer service in order to get information. Whoever we would talk to was never able to help us. They would constantly transfer us to one another. When these issues occurred we never received a solution. Then we would have to end up asking for the package (s) back and refunding the customer. When this happens we lose those customers. Sometimes UPS would not even update the package information. They would go days without updating the information on the computer regarding were the package was located. Even when we would call then we never received any help.

Fedex - We never had even 1 package be delivered on time. We worked with them for several months and when we would ship to them customers would always complain about receiving their orders late. And at the end of the week when we would pay fedex for the shipments sometimes they would make us pay double without us even realizing it until after they had left. They would always say we did not pay them for packages from a previous week which then we would have to take out the paperwork that showed them we had paid and it would take days for them to refund us back.

Eventually our management started using their head and we stopped working with Fedex & UPS. We always paid the bills on time at the end of the week. And we shipped thousands of packages every week. So they had one of the best businesses from us. But they had terrible service and they never kept their word. Now we only ship with DHL and we never have a problem. So this is a warning for all potential future businesses when they decide to open an online shop.

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Funny , DHL was so great they went out of the domestic shipping business in the states a couple of years ago.

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