Without a doubt, the worst shipping experience of my 42-year-old life. Amazon shipping is to be praised. UPS corporate is to be heralded. Songs of exultation shall be called for the delivery personnel. Homewood management, though...Homewood management...words fail me in attempting to describe the inanity that pervades whatever "system" is in place at the Homewood facility.

My packages were on schedule to be delivered on 12/24 at my office. Imagine my surprise, when upon waking on Christmas Eve, I was greeted to an e-mail saying that the first package had attempted delivery at 4:39AM (an odd time of the day to attempt a delivery, to be sure) ...exactly one minute after being loaded on the truck. I know UPS is fast, but to cover 30 miles in one minute, would require UPS to have purchased the leftover fleet of SR-71 Blackbird aircraft.

Hurriedly showering and driving to the office, I engaged in a help chat session, in an attempt to discover what the issue might have been. I was again, shocked, when the next shipment reported that delivery had been attempted at 7:56AM...one minute after being loaded on the truck. Those pesky supersonic delivery vehicles! After 2 more chat sessions, and a call to the Homewood branch, I was told that they were still there, and I could come by and pick them up. Scratching my head as to how they could still be at Homewood, but excited by the fact that I was finally going to get my packages, I quickly hopped in my sub-sonic vehicle and drove the 30 minutes (not one) to Homewood.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by blank stares when I presented the 2 tracking numbers. The final consensus was that "They're locked in the trailer, and we don't have anyone here to take care of that". "It's going to go out for delivery on Monday the 28th". Interesting. As I was hanging my head to go back out to the parking lot and attempt another call to the help desk, a grizzled conveyor line worker, having overheard my exchange, asked, "Was it a business address?" Stunned that someone was attempting to actually help me, I stammered back "Y-yes?!" "Was it a suite number?" "Well, that's the problem now, isn't it?" "...How so?" "Well, they do an informal check on places that have suites, boxes, etc, and if more than 50% of them are going to be closed, they just don't deliver to the whole address at all." Slack jawed, I retreated to the parking lot and called customer service. The helpful gentlemen listened to my rambling diatribe, and after a few seconds of silence, responded, "Fifth one of those I've heard today". While he apologized profusely, he stated that once it was in Homewood's hands, they really no longer had any control of the situation. This was strictly an internal situation at Homewood.

My wife is much more understanding than I, and told me that there was no problem with not having her Christmas presents on Christmas Day, since she'd get them Monday. I responded that I just wish they would have told the truth and said they were going to be late, and not attempt to cover it up by saying they had attempted a delivery, when they obviously had not.

Fast forward to this morning, when I arrived at the office, excited to check on the status of the 2 packages for the Mrs. My brain did not have the ability to process the information that was displayed. Both packages were being held at Homewood, and would not be delivered until tomorrow. This is contrary to what I was told by both the personnel at Homewood and via the help desk.

After a terse chat session, and a final phone call with a manager in Atlanta, I was basically told that everything was in Homewood's hands, and that they have said it would be there Tuesday the 29th. Game. Set. Match.

One would think that the story ended there, as it is now 5PM CST on the 28th. You would be wrong.

Out of shear boredom (insanity?), I decided to check the status of both packages one last time. What's this? A change in status? Scheduled delivery updated to 12/28? I hurriedly got on another chat session in an attempt to get a confirmation on this new turn of events. However, as "Beverly" soon informed me, the packages would actually be delivered tomorrow. When queried about why the packages would be delivered tomorrow, when the status was showing them to be delivered today, her verbatim response was, "This is because, as the local UPS facility provided you, they have pulled the shipment from pick up and are now preparing it to be delivered tomorrow". So... preparing actually now means delivering?

I can overlook tardiness. Even in a logistics business, things happen. I get that. I can forgive that. What I cannot get, and cannot forgive, is a lack of honesty. To have 2 packages with forged delivery attempts, and incorrect internal tracking is not an accident. It is dishonesty. Clear. Systematic. Dishonesty. That, I cannot forgive. If I were UPS corporate, I would be concerned. Not for the sake of customer service, but for another point. If your employees are willing to lie about things like this (that can be so easily proven false), what else are they lying about?

UPS, you have lost a customer for life. I will no longer use your services. Not for my personal use, nor for my business matters. I will also go out of my way to let all my friends and business contacts know what has happened here. I will also go out of my way to share this story on as many social media outlets as I can. I do not expect a response, nor do I want one. There is nothing you can do to fix this. I would highly recommend that you investigate the Homewood branch, though. You did not ruin Christmas, UPS. You merely ruined what trust I had in you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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