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I tracked my shipment. Informed me of early delivery on Saturday. I waited for the whole day. No delivery. Ended up, they rescheduled to original delivery to Monday.

When I called to make a complaint, the customer service was rude. The lady was reprimanding me over the phone and gave me an ultimatum. She gave her name as N** A***h.

Totally unbelievable level of service! The manager that called back was able to address my frustration slighter better. However, there was an undertone of denial in her utterances.

Finally, I have decided to arrange a pick up to end all my unpleasant experiences!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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It did not get to Singapore until Sunday.

How is anyone supposed to deliver it before it gets to Singapore?


Can't agree with you more. My item shipped from HK to SG on 8 Aug, still unable to reach me on 13/08.

Called hot line and fuel up my anger actually. She says physical item in Taiwan though the web site is showing China. And due to typhoon in taiwan, cannot load on the plane. But seriously for 2 days in taiwan ??

so i checked the taiwan weather after call, found out that there is no typhoon. I called her back, she says no typhoon its heavy rain. what the *** that lying to me. 2 days heavy rain and cannot load my parcel on plane.

Still don't know how to get my item deliver on time. (now waited 5days already)..