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I have spent the entire day hovering between an open front door and a window in a futile attempt to make sure that I received my package which according to the UPS Tracking information was put out for delivery vehicle at 06:06 hrs this morning from Croydon a few miles away from my address.

I was busy at a neighbour's house - so in addition to a notice on my front door requesting the driver to call at my neighbour's house to find me - I stuck another notice on my porch door just in case the driver didn't bother to get as far as my front door. I have been fed up with recent deliveries that did not reach me when I had left a note of my whereabouts in our Close of only ten houses and when going to collect these items being told that the driver didn't leave the goods because he needed a signature and there was no one in.

However - tonight - I gave up waiting around 21:30 and went to check the delivery tracking information to find it had been updated to tomorrow - BECAUSE DELIVERY HAD FAILED AT 20:46

Now that's very interesting because at that time I just happened to be in the hallway behind my Delivery Address front door and -

- I did not hear a Delivery Vehicle pull up outside my house ?

- I did not here my Clockwork Front Door Bell Ring - - - - - - ?

- My Clockwork Front Door Bell is STILL FULLY WOUND - - - ?

- I did not find a Failure to Deliver Notice in my Letterbox - - ?

Am I to believe that the Driver while under the influence of some hallucinogenic Substance had dreamt that he called on me - - ?

Or is it possible that he simply Lied through his teeth and put a Falsified Delivery Attempt into his records - because he wanted to go Home early ?????

Complete waste of a Day - Thankyou very much - UPS Driver

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

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They doctor the tracking info online to cover their *** all the time. wasted 3 days waiting.. stiil nothing, but excuses and lies.


Waited all day for delivery on third try. No show.

When looked up InfoNotice number, it stated that it tried at 7:31 PM to deliver.

No UPS Infonotice left on my door. US Postal service much better and don't deliver late evenings.


Yes, he lied. They do it all the time.

Call and complain every time he does it. I dont know if it will help, but you never know. They are severely hounded by dispatch and supervisors to keep on schedule. And it is almost impossible to keep them.

So they do that stuff when they get behind to not get in trouble.

I used to do delivery for medical company and it was nuts, some days if you break it down you literally have to be driving at 60 miles an hour non-stop to be able to keep up. And thats just not possible in residential areas.

@I hate it too

I would have complained had I been able to find some way of doing it.

The reason I left my complaint here was that despite wasting more time searching through various UPS UK web pages - I found I could do almost anything EXCEPT COMPLAIN as there email forms did not allow it.

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