HiI purchased a rug which was to be delivered by UPS, I was told be the seller of the rug that UPS had difficult delivering the package, yet I had no calling card left on any occasion and now I'm told the package is in your Dundee depot which is an hours drive (more than 2 hours round trip for me) to uplift I could have uplifted today however told it's in a cage and would have to be later in week when it suits you, not the customer. I asked UPS agent if she could help and retrieve the parcel as I was of work today and would make the journey however she couldn't o that.I got the feel of a take it or leave it approach from you. All othe deliveries to me (Fed Ex, ANC Parcel Force) have no problem finding the address and leaving items It seems there is no real effort to assist todayRegardsDanny McilwhamThis is a very poor servi

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