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On November 6th, I went to the UPS Store located at 7 West 41st Avenue, San Mateo, California. There I spoke with the clerk Mark. I explained that my grandma just passed away on October 26th and I was there to ship what she left to me. I repeated several times that the items were fragile and irreplaceable. I also marked my boxes fragile and this side up. He said, “No problem” and had me fill out the shipping form. I described my possessions to him in detail as I completed the form. Mark made sure that I checked the boxes on the form that read “Breakable and Not Replaceable.” Mark did not at any time indicate any risk with shipping these type items; he weighed each box and told me the charges for each of the 12 boxes.

On November 9th, the shipment arrived at my home in Frisco, Texas. I saw Ben, the UPS delivery driver drop the first package down onto his cart. Shocked, I ran out to ask do you not see these boxes are marked fragile? His reply was that all boxes are handled the same. He asked if the store reviewed these boxes to ensure they were properly packaged. The boxes delivered were damaged, some torn open some smashed. There are more than half broken pieces, the majority of which are shattered. Valuables, such as Imported Fine China, Bone China Teacups, porcelain, crystal, etc. were in these boxes.

On November 27, Greg came out to take pictures of our boxes in which I had already removed most of the items. He informed us if he were the man in the store, based on the items and weight, he would have never let them be shipped out of a UPS Store. My mom called the UPS store and explained to Mark what happened, he said, they are not responsible for the way the drivers handle the boxes. On December 7, a message was left my Skip, the storeowner that the claim was denied because the boxes were not packed properly.

The United Parcel Services advertises itself as being a reliable and experienced company. The business code of conduct needs to be questioned regarding company and employee responsibility, procedures and communication, which have been violated. Set shipping standards of the company were never explained or any risk assessment mentioned. The service provided at the store was misleading to me because truthful information was withheld.

What can Brown do for you????

Deny my claim and not even offer to refund the shipping charges??

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Richardson, Texas, United States #625564

Did the UPS Store or you pack the boxes?

If you did, YOU are responsible for having adequate cushioning around each individual item.

There is no fragile handling, everything travels on conveyor belts.

If the UPS Store packed the items, then you have a valid complaint.

So, who packed the boxes ?

UPS fulfilled their obligation, by delivering the boxes, why would they refund shipping charges ?

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