Colchester, England

On Friday 11th October, a UPS driver turned up with a package and stated there was a customs fee + £11 admin charge for clearing customs, requiring a £24.20 cash payment. I was at work and my landlord was at home and offered to pay on card e.g an immediate online payment to the customer services centre. The driver literally said "I'm not paid to wait mate' and walked off. He was asked to provide a tracking number but was dismissive and said something about only being able to leave paperwork with the actual named recipient for the package not a third party.

I called up and complained once I found out and was told by their customer services team that the driver should have waited and that I should direct my concerns to the local depot (which I did) and they recorded a 'customer concern'...

Redelivery was scheduled for today and I was told that the driver would be attending around 10am and would wait whilst I made the online payment.

At 10:30 on Monday 14th October, the same driver came to the house. I said that I needed to call customer services and they had told me he would wait whilst I did so. The driver has then said "I TOLD YOU BEFORE, I DONT GET PAID TO WAIT" and he walked off.

I called again, reported it, they agreed this time to take the online payment over the phone without the tracking number (as the driver didnt leave one) and said he would be called and told to come straight back to me and I would be getting my package within the hour.

It is now 12:45 and the driver still hasn't returned.

As far as I am concerned this is mail interference/delaying/obstructing the delivery of mail.

I have decided now, after this experience to not use international companies for mail order that use UPS to handle their UK custom clearance.

UPS - If any of your PR staff or customer relations staff read this, then please consider a proper customer services course for your drivers as their attitude to the very people that are keeping your business afloat is disgraceful. When I meet FEDEX, PARCELFORCE, CITYLINK drivers etc they are always smartly dressed and polite..., your driver turned up wearing a camoflage baseball hat and jacket, with a high vis sleeveless tabard over the top that looked like it had been soaked in engine oil and literally looked like someone that had come back from a cat fishing trip in the 'glades'. What ever happened to the smart brown uniforms?

Monetary Loss: $20.

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