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I ordered a rather pricey item online, roughly $1,000. The shipping address was CLEARLY printed on the label, yet my package was delivered 5 houses up.

Thankfully we have honest neighbors who walked down the package after noticing that the shipping address was obviously not addressed to their home. I do not understand how this mistake was made, as the home numbers were NOT even close to my home number. Completely irresponsible on UPS's part.

The only reason I caught this mistake before receiving the package was because I was able to track the shipping online, and saw that the package was "delivered"... Unfortunately, not to it's correct owner.

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I had a somewhat similar problem like you have. However, my situation is different.

I had a laptop issue that I sent to Staples for repairs. They can't repair it, so asked me to get the address and other information from Acer to give Staples.

I should mention that I live in a small town and UPS is the only company here. Anyway, I did get the UPS tracking number from Staples. Tracked the package to Burnaby (Where it was supposed to be going).

Then I looked up the Acer Case number and it was not there. I called Acer and they mentioned that they might not get it until Monday. I checked Monday, and it's still not there. So I called Acer and I also gave them the UPS tracking number.

I also called UPS and they said that it was delivered. But it's not showing up in Acer's website. One of the Acer agents said that it might be at the Staples Depot in Burnaby.

The next day, I went to Staples in my area, and showed them what happened (I printed off a letter, the UPS tracking number, and the Acer Case number).

They said that they will look into it as well. I went come and found that the Acer case number is closed. I called and the reason why it is closed was because the laptop is at the Staples Depot in Burnaby.

I got a call today from the Staples in my area, saying that they did contact the Staples in Burnaby and explained that the computer was supposed to be at Acer (The address was clearly printed after all). Now my are Staples is trying to find out how to get Acer to re-open the case id.

I did contact the investigator and gave her the local Staples number (I will have to call Staples in my area to give them her phone number).

I also called UPS to make a complaint. At the same time, I looked up the address of the Staples in Burnaby. There were three and none where close to the address that I provided to Acer.

Worst, UPS Canada doesn't have a complaints department.

It was the driver who totally screwed up. And I put a complaint to the BBB.

Portland, Oregon, United States #779793

Odd normally high value items require a signature. Its good that you got your item though. As already stated, if you hadn't and it had coverage, you'd have been made whole anyway.

Naples, Florida, United States #779346

As long as human beings are still delivering the mail, mistakes, human mistakes, will be made. You got the package, and even if you hadn't, UPS offers insurance so you would have gotten your money back.

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