I ordered an item on E-Bay with total value of 24.99.I asked seller to ship cheapest and was told it was by UPS for an amount of 28.00 for Standard Int'l Shipping.I agreed and parcel was sent.During first delivery attempt I wasn't at home so I managed to stay home during second delivery attempt the following day.I waited all day until almost 4 pm when I noticed there was a sticker marked second delivery attempt that had just been posted few minutes earlier.I was waiting for my buzzer to ring to open door and never did it ring.For sure the guy just touched the button without pressing it and was on his way.Anyway I called and explained to customer service who had the local UPS store call me telling me they were sorry for the error and that as much as possible another attempt would be made following morning before 10 am.I waited almost entire day again ,missing important appointment.When I called to ask whereabouts of my parcel I was told that it would be delivered before 7 pm.Really terrific service.I lose two full days awaiting delivery.As if this weren't enough I was charged 23.78 brokerage fees on an item with total value of 24.99,practically 100% same.if this isn't highway robbery,what is it? I paid 28.00 for standard shipping plus brokerage fees of 23.78 for a total of 51.78 on an item worth 24.99.All I can say is I am 200% dissatisfied with UPS.I don't mind paying but there are limits,and this exceeds big time!

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The Canadian government are a greedy bunch of thieving scumbags. The fees are basically robbery.

This is what government gets you, ***, incompetent EXPENSIVE service and corruption.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #721570

You can't blame UPS for the brokerage fees that CUSTOMS charges!! and if you think $28 is expensive for shipping internationally, you are 100% out of your mind.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #715441

Brokerage fee is a cost to process the shipment through Customs.

UPS didn't just decide to charge more.

to bill Montreal, Quebec, Canada #715456

For your information I paid 28.00 to ship a pr of boots of 25.00 not incl brokerage fees,my parcel was delivered at end of day,and I was told by driver that the reason my parcel was delivered last in day was because I had standard delivery so that goes last and at end of day,how much am I suppose to pay for first of day or middle of day delivery on 25.00 item,$100.00 or more,get a life! You must work for them.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #717041

Yes, that's how shipping (as well as everything) works!!! If you want something done faster you must pay more!!!

They have people that pay more for priority so they get it before you. Highway robbery, please! Customs might be robbing you, but it's not UPS.

You are cheap and want everything for free. Don't blame UPS because of your cheapness.

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