I ordered next day delivery last tuesday. It is now 8 days later. I have called every day (sometimes up to 4 times) for some kind of information. I have been told "all I can do is ask the depot to call you about your package". I have asked for this 7 times. I have still heard nothing. I have probably spent a total of 160mins on hold/speaking with UPS to sort this all out.

I was promised next day delivery last Friday. Nothing on saturday.

I was promised next day delivery on Monday. Nothing Tuesday (the driver apparently got lost?? CENTRAL LONDON. NOT HARD)

I was promised next day delivery on Tuesday. Nothing Wednesday ("Sorry, the driver seems to have forgotten it at the depot")

I spoke with them today, and am promised next day delivery tomorrow.

I have been relaying all this to my manager, (who paid the extra 19.50 (EXTORTIONATE) to get it last tuesday.) I have been warned of suspension should it not arrive tomorrow as I am relaying "incorrect Vital Information"

UPS: I hope you shrivel up and die in the future economy.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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