I shipped 2 large boxes (one weighed 15lbs one weighed 25lbs).Inside the boxes were dolls & figurines.

I packed them tightly with lots of bubble wrap & newspaper. When the boxes arrived EVERY item inside the box was broken. How can they just toss boxes around like it was nothing -- I had fragile written all over the boxes, apparently that means nothing.

Not only did I lose out on the $27 shipping costs I also lost out on the money ($300) I was receiving for the items, obviously I'm not making someone pay for a bunch of broken stuff.I will NEVER use UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $327.

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764333

UPS is notorious for being the roughest on packages.Their claims department isn't much better.

Sorry you had to learn this the hard way!:(

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #745290

Newspaper IS NOT acceptable packing material.Packing tightly IS NOT the correct method.

All carriers have packing guidelines and they are all the same.

I am sorry your items got damaged, but unless they were packaged correctly it is not the fault of UPS.These guidelines can be found on each carriers website.

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