Soham, Cambridgeshire

It should be very simple - ticketmaster tickets sent via UPS UK.They don't have to be put on a plane, or a ship, guarded by the military or strapped to the leg of specially trained pigeon.

But despite this, NOTHING in their email to me was accurate. The pick-up date was wrong, the delivery date was wrong. Their response - 'sorry'. I asked why ALL the information was inaccurate - 'it's automated'.

Oh right, so it's nobody's fault because it's a SYSTEM that keeps cocking things up...again and again and again. This was the excuse of choice back in the 90's for so many companies but for UPS it's still going strong. Sadly, this postal system has become the scapegoat because I'm sure they would love us to believe that it has come to develop a mind of its own.

However, I would prefer to believe that a system is only ever as good or bad as the bunch of human a***holes who put it in place.And UPS clearly has more than it's fair share.

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