Your package late? That will teach you that there are brick and mortar stores in your town that you should be shopping at.

Not only do you hurt your community but you are also breaking the law by not paying your state a use tax on everything you purchase on the internet. Shame on you for not shopping small and locally. Think about next year and shop local. Your small businesses need your support to stay open and your tax dollars stay in your community for streets, schools, police and fire departments.

Keep your spending money local. Do you get customer service on the internet.

Are you one of those people that go shopping local and waste store time explaining products and learning about your item then after wasting the small business time you go on line and order. People hate you for this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Maumee, Ohio, United States #764276

Breaking the law? Your an ***!

I shop for lower prices.

And no *** is going to tell me where to shop! This is America


UPS had a contract to deliver. They failed.

We are consumers who are right to be angry at their broken contracts. And how do you know all the items lost were purchases? 5 of mine we purchases. 2 of mine that were lost were gifts my kids made for grandparents.

And my waiting until the last minute? That's not of your business! Let me guess, you are the lazy slob who works at UPS and was making double time while I PAID you to deliver the package that you screwed up?! Get a clue and keep your judgement to yourself.

Of course you are a nameless bully who sits and defends the lazy union of UPS because you are one of them. I am glad UPS failed....

I have hated their sloppy service forever. Hopefully they will be out of business SOON.

to ladyDee #764231

Get a grip ladyDee. If the package delivery was guaranteed, you get a refund and move on. Your juvenile name calling just shows how immature and spoiled you are.

Deland, Florida, United States #764026

Also, don't get pissy with UPS because YOU procrastinated. Christmas is the same day every year.

Plan better, shop earlier. Stop whining because the package you ordered on December 23 didn't get there overnight.

Yeah, you paid for overnight shipping, things happen. Don't say UPS 'ruined your Christmas' because you waited.


Last-minute shopping is not going to be a success online. I think the above point is valid.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #763936

If u don't know the whole story stfu

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