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Back in December I went into the UPS Store to drop off my package to send in my Iphone 6s to apple due to a battery recall. Keep in mind Apple and UPS are affiliated.

Also the worker I handed it to apparently has been there for a couple years as well. I have never sent my phone to apple before all apple told me is to bring in my phone and UPS will do the rest for me, so that is exactly what I did. When I walk up to the employee as she asked if she could help, I told her I needed to ship it to apple for repairs. She looked confused at first.

Then went on the computer pulled up my account and asked me if I was so and so,I said yes. So she started printing out multiple papers. Only handed my one piece of paper which was the packaging slip that was suppose to be in the box. I was unsure of what is was and I even asked her is that all I need.

She said yes and I went on my way. It has been three weeks and apple has update there status. It started to really bug me as what was going on with my phone. I thought that girl acted weird but I wasn't going to point fingers(just yet).

I contacted apple all they could give me was contact UPS. I went in UPS in the following day and there was a manager there. She was nice and was willing to help. She thought it was weird herself since that girl has even worked there for years.

The manager there said she contact me when she finds information. She didn't find much just found the other packaging slip, no track, no apple account, all wiped. Soon the next day I get a call from the police saying, the employee that you claim stole your phone is incarcerated. She in jail for stealing 3 other packages and only admitted to steal one of those packages.

Asked me about my phone and said they can't do nothing about it until they find the phone. I come in the ups a couple days later and talk to the manager again. She told me the same thing the police officer told me but this time said its in the polices hand. It's not there fault and they are not reliable for there own employee.

I called apple and see if they can help me but its not like its there fault a UPS worker stole my phone. They were really nice but unfortunately there policy said they can't help. Then I reach out to the UPS corp and boy was they rude.We got connected to a UPS representative and all he kept saying before we can even talk, that its Apples fault not theirs and hung up. Yet again it is not apples employee.

So both the UPS Store and Corp is crooks and would not recommend the service because an employee actually might steal your phone. Can't trust anyone these days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The fault lies with the employee who stole your phone, not UPS or Apple. The employee will be held accountable for her actions but I fail to see what you want anyone else to do.

Your option is to file a claim with your homeowner's or renters insurance if you are covered for loses like this. You will need to file a police report for stolen property, etc.

I assume, as a responsible citizen, you do have this necessary type of insurance. By the way, there is a difference between "there" and "their."