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EBAY/UPS coordinated scam. I lost $17, 000 and my credit rating damaged over this fraud.

Thief either purchases from inside Ebay employee a dormant member ID. The member usually has not bought or sold for a year, has 100% Positive feedback and is not monitoring their account, or maybe are dead. That is why I believe a Ebay employee is involved. The Thief contacts you (the seller) and is interested in your gold watch.

You see 194-Positive Feedbacks and consider it is real. The thief claims they no longer use PayPal and suggest COD. You are not *** enough to mail a $17, 000 item COD, unless the funds are 100%protected. You contact UPS and are convinced they are able to Guarantee that their driver will only accept US Postal Money Orders if you ask.

You understand USPMO are like cash so agree to ship the watch. The buyer normally offers a price close to your asking price and mine said he would add $250 shipping credit. UPS charged me $329.90, all but $91 going for insurance, explaining the insurance protected me. The UPS clerk Guarantees me the driver instructions will exclude Cashier's Checks and Money Orders, COD=$16, 750 GUARANTEED.

I ship the watch, being told the most I can lose is shipping if the buyer cannot produce the US Postal Money Orders. Tracking indicates the watch has been received and paid for so the thief calls me, tells me the watch is great and that he has left me a positive feedback; could I leave him one?Knowing my funds are secure I leave a feedback and start getting calls from Ebay members, indicating he wants to purchase their watch. I am confused, but believed my funds are secure. 13-days later I receive a child-like fake Cashier's Check, and are notified several other members lost their gold watches to the same guy, same address, same style check.

The UPS driver accepted horribly poor checks from a man standing in front of a residence (not his) in a snow storm, for $56, 000. I strongly contend the driver was involved in the scam. UPS will pay nothing, saying the US Postal Money Order "thing" cannot be proved by me, and the Cashier's check, with no Water-marks, Black-line, State of Origin or even Check Number, passed their Facial Validity.

Ebay can no longer be trusted and UPS is running Driver Scams. So I pay thousands to a attorney, Ebay is moot and UPS is now working with high-end fraud schemes

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well i was scammed and the driver accepted a cashers check that was ripped in half and taped also had processing numbers on front and back. when the check is cashed they run it thru a device that prints a bunch of nubers on the had water marks on it also were it was wet at one time. this was so obviously a bad check so im 99% sure the driver was in on this it what u want.


it must have been the same guy that got me in 2006 on my vintage rolex 18k president diamond band and face. ups did nothing to help me.

and neither did the 250ndollars i spent on the insurance from ups. i lost alot of sleep over this.


Same thing happened to me, I shipped out Solid Gold Rolex in mint condition for 20K. Did you ever resolve the issue?

Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, Thailand #86621

just a further point. Worst snow in 2 decades in Jersey city and UPS still delivered your package on time ;)

Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, Thailand #86620

Are you writing a movie script? This guy has Ebay,UPS and the Police department all in on this scam.

Get back to the real world.

The logistics of this sort of scam would need a far greater reward before it would even be considered. You have been scammed by a dodgy guy on Ebay, sorry but thats the start and end of the story.


I would never have shipped my watch unless I was totally convinced by the UPS Representative that UPS would olny accept US Postal Money Orders, it was clear. I have been buying and selling on Ebay for 10-years, a person that would ship a $17,000 item, without being convinced that 1.

US Postal Money Orders were fullproof, and the driver would accept nothing else 2. And my receipt stated explicitly COD=$16,750 GUARANTEED. I was assured that Guaranteed meant my "payment" was guaranteed, not that the thief was Guaranteed that he would get my watch.

It is also too much of a coincidence the same driver delivered $56,000 worth of items to a man, standing in front of the same residence because he did not live there? Do UPS drivers often deliver large purchase items on multiple occassions to people standing in the snow?

Then thenthe driver reports it! That exonerates him, right. UPS lied to me on the front end and I strongly feel the driver was getting his money. They did in excess of $100,000in 2-locations worth of ONLY high-end watches.

Jim, you are obviouly a UPS guy, same old story, same old UPS logic. I lost $17,000, but I will spend my spare time making other potential UPS customers aware, you could lose business.

It wasn't Ebay that allowed the fraud to be perpetuated, the perp knew EXACTLY how UPS works internally, the fact they have no US Postal Money Order driver instructions is a sign. There will always be thieves, they understand the UPS rules and also that UPS NEVER pays any claim (even lost items in most cases), so they are good to go.Tell them (UPS) you tried Jim, but logic and truth are hard to skew.

Winterset, Iowa, United States #82654

Ron, UPS is not in collusion with EBAY and I am sure EBAY is not in collusion with the consignee (the person who you addressed your package to) on this and for you to say that is slanderous. It is possible that the driver might be in collusion, but that also is doubtful since he or she has no influence on who is placing the order or where the order is to be delivered.

As for UPS only excepting a USPS money order, they do not do that. They can authorize the driver to accept only certified funds which includes money orders (from any source, not just the USPS), cashier’s checks and bank checks. The driver cannot accept cash, though they could at one time. If the driver had accepted a personal or business check from the consignee, then the driver would have been held liable.

The insurance coverage is for damage or loss to the contents of the package, not protection from fraud. The driver delivered your package, and since the consignee reported no damage to you, UPS has upheld its part of the bargain with regards to the insurance coverage.

The ways for the criminal mind to deceive us is unlimited with today’s technology. They can fake cashier’s checks, money orders (to include the USPS), personal and business checks and even money. I do not have the luxury to examine your “cashier’s checks” I cannot say whether the driver could have or should have been able to determine that they were fake.

You have been taken by the criminal mind. You should have used PayPal as they guarantee payment and are less susceptible to fraud.

By associating both UPS and EBAY with the criminal that took your watch, and implying that they were in a conspiracy together is wrong and could get you into legal trouble with them.


My driver delivered $56,000 worth of Rolex and Breitling watches to a man, standing in front of a building. The worst snow in Jersey City history (2-decades), and the UPS driver is accepting checks on a level just higher than Monopoly Money.

Of course, after 3-deals, he reports "suspicious activity" to the police, who hail him as a hero. Do you think he "might have been working with the thieves?" As soon as he claims "there could be a problem," he is no longer a suspect.

On further inspection, several police officers probably were also involved, considering how strongly they exonerated the driver. Messy business UPS.


UPS stated that they would only accept US Postal Money Orders, as they are the same as cash. That would be 16-$1000 and 1-$750.

They lied to me and accepted a worthless Cashier's Check! After 10-years on Ebay would I take a Money Order, Duh?????

UPS lied to me, plus I paid $239 insurance, that they said covered me. I am not brain dead.

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #80938

You're the *** for accepting a Money Order. :cry Boohoo on you.

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