Purchased a bat online. Shipper mailed it through UPS.

The shipping label reads box weighs 2lbs. The box itself is the original packaging. Waited 4 days to get it. It showed up last night.

Door bell rang, knew it was our bat. Ran downstairs opened the door. Pick up the box. Yeah completely empty.

The driver was already gone by the time I turned around to say anything. So the box. You can tell it was cut opened and re-taped. No bat.

Called UPS within 10 mins of getting the package. Was told that a claims person would be contacting me by the end of next business day. Just got off the phone with Sheila. They are opting not to inspect the package.

They will be contacting the shipper and refunding his money for the cost of mailing the package. Where we are out of a bat. When I question her in regards to the shipping label reading the weight, she rambled on about not being able to prove anything. I am so angry right now.

Now we have to go through the hassle of trying to recoup our money. I mean the shipper did what they were supposed to do. So where does fault lie? Are they the shipper or UPS liable for refunding the cost of the bat?

I think UPS is. So instead of UPS just admitting that one of their employees took it and repaying us for the cost of the bat.

This is their way of getting out of paying us the receivers.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #608009

you are not entitled to anything from ups, you are not their customer, you paid them nothing. the shipper is their customer, and paid for the shipping, thus, they are the party entitled to payment of any refund or claim.

easy as that. you will have to get the shipper to refund you.

as to who is to blame. i would guess it's the shipper.

shippers are famous for poorly packing items they ship, including not enough tape. packages travel MILES of automated systems and conveyersn if a package opens in transit and the contents spill from the box it's not a theft, it's craptastic packing by the shipper.

Naples, Florida, United States #607711

How do you know the shipper put the bat in there? Prepaid labels are done on personal computers at home, and the shipper supplies the weight. Unless you saw someone from UPS steal the bat, your accusation is out of line, and can be claimed as libel in court.

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