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Update by user Dec 16, 2016

They did it again today with our Amazon order, left it at the end of the road in my NEIGHBOR'S yard!!

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2016

My husband's doctor had some urgent medication mailed to us UPS. Normally our delivery services bring our packages to our door.

We don't leave the house everyday and just go get the mail at least once a week. The other night I needed to go to the market and on our way back up our long dirt road my daughter sees something on our neighbor's fence covered in snow. We stop to get it figuring we would give it to him before it gets ruined. Turns out it was for us, my husband's antibiotics had sat out on that fence for TWO days.

I called UPS and spoke to a manager who tells me, she wasn't there but will speak to the driver and it's policy to leave packages at the end of long driveways were they might get stuck. It was NOT left at the end of my driveway and I have a large circular driveway that even the county tree trimming trucks can turn around in. That's just a *** way to do business, they have also left my husband's insulin on the ground where the road splits between us and our neighbor.

I mean put it under our mailbox at the very least where we can find it if your not going to get your lazy behind out of the truck and bring it to the door like every other delivery service. How the *** is a customer supposed to even know they have a delivery if the driver is just going to leave it in random places along the side of the road?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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