so the ups truck delivered my wife's anniversary gift to some other house in the neighborhood...great can you imagine the explaining I would have to do IF he wasn't honest???

The addresses were not even similar!!!! I can not believe the mix up!!! We put trust in the company we buy from but who really thinks about what company they use to deliver their products???? Does it have to come down to asking before you buy??

Well I would like to use your company but I see in your shipping contract you use UPS?!?!?!

insane I tell you!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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day one, dumass cant find my house they been to few times,day 2 they forgot and lost/left my package off truck so i wait for it,and it dont show

day 3.if it aint here i cancell order,get amazon to refund my cash,by the dam thing at walmart as i now wished i would have since i been a week waiting now,sure puts a turd into the on line shopping punch bowl

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #49963

:cry How many "??? !?!?!?!"can you use???!?!?!!!

You're the ***, not the UPS delivery driver.

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