I ordered a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas on December 11th; it was scheduled to be at my door by December 17th. As of December 21st it had not been delivered and I saw on the UPS site that it was now scheduled to be delivered by the 23rd.

So I changed my plans, delayed going out of town until the 23rd. When I called UPS I was given the excuse of the weather and a high volume of packages. I was not happy, but what could I do. Today, the 22nd, I checked the tracking again, and now UPS is saying they won't deliver until the 24th!!!

I can't delay my trip any longer. Since the site says my package is in San Antonio right now, and my destination is San Antonio, I called UPS to ask if someone could pick the package up in San Antonio. No, it's on the trailer for my area and cannot be picked up. Again, I was given the excuse of the weather and the high volume of packages.

Come on, even if the weather was an excuse originally, it has not been a problem since the first change of delivery date. And using the excuse of a high volume of packages is about as lame as you can get. It's friggin Christmas! Don't they plan on having a high volume of packages at Christmas?

If not, there's something seriously wrong with this company. Thanks, UPS, for screwing up our Christmas!

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I work for ups and it's always a feeling of mixed emotions when I see people complain like this,I understand you paid your money but if you didn't pay for upgraded shipping you can't be mad at ups,if only you knew how hard ups works in those warehouses for our customer,you have some of us working 80-90 hours a week 6 days a week moving packages,if you had ordered upgraded shipping I know first hand your experience would have been different because we make sure to sewerage regular shipping and upgraded shipping but in the end it's all a human workforce there are no machines so you have to understand that.

to Woah123 Los Angeles, California, United States #763159


If your company says that the items will be delivered in a certain amount of days then it should be delivered within those days. Your company is a logistics one and have been in business for decades, therefore they know the busiest seasons and should as retailers do, add more employees. It's your choice to work for them and you choose to be at a company that works you like a horse because their system apparently isn't upgraded. And no, it's not the customer's fault when they are lied to and do not receive their missing packages. They pay for a certain timeframe and as a multimillion / billion dollar company they should adhere to what they're telling people.

This coming from someone who actually did have upgraded shipping and 6 days later I'm still waiting for my package.

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #762818

how do you say its the consumer's fault??? they ordered a service that promised something (delivery by the 17th) and didn't even come close to delivering (no pun intended).

its UPS's fault plain and simple. THEY know its Christmas time, THEY should either not claim to be able to deliver the item by the 17th, OR should add extra staff to ensure that it does!


Actually this is just as much you fault as the fault of UPS. With the high volume of packages being shipped this time of the year, you should order a lot earlier than you did. Whenever I order something that I need by a special date, I make sure to order it about two months ahead of time.

to anonymous #763160

And when these people order, I assume they go by what the company tells them, that their order will be sent by a certain time. If a company cannot follow it's own policies, it's a company that will eventually loose business to better companies.

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