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Placed order from vendor, was shipped on 03/04/11 and delivery date of 03/08/11.No problem until now. Check tracking and now due 03/10/11.States it was on truck @ 7:15a.m this morning and then at 7:33a.m.

it's back!

Sent a complaint and received auto response.Ha ha.I live in WI.so maybe it's only an issue here. "Remarkable on-time delivery record guarantee" is false advertisement... UPS! UPS!

I ordered from the same vendor late last summer and had same issue. They contacted Fed Ex and made things right.I have sincerely never had issues with UPS so I just don't get it. Shipping from Ohio is not too much to ask is it?

My package is an hour away in Madison. *** me off...

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UPS left a huge box in front of my apartment door last Chistmas. It was gifts from my mother to my children, her grandchilren an me.

She always sends coins and cash with the other gifts. Of course someone took it and she lost out $600. UPS would not cover cash and gave her $35 after a month of going back and forth. How *** can a driver be.

This is an outside apartment and the front apartment to the street.

Anyone driving by could see it, come up the driveway and snatch it up, no problem. Of course we don't use them anymore.

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