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UPS has dropped donations to the boy scouts because of an on-line petition against the boy scout's stand against *** leaders and scouts.

I have been a scout leader for 32 years and have seen situations where these perverts have preyed on the boys. The BSA has to protect the boys from these perverts. Shame on UPS for their stand.

An on-line petition should not be enough to justify pulling donations. Who are these people (or person)

that constitutes these on-line signatures? How *** can UPS be? A real organization there.

Use FEDEX until they cave into the sodomites.

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I'm hesitant to even respond as I'm sure your ignorance and stupidity will prevent your tiny brain from absorbing any response, but I for one am very happy that UPS and other companies have decided to no longer support organizations that promote the same kind of ignorance, fear-mongering, and discrimination that you seem to abscribe to. Perhaps you could actually research and obtain FACTUAL information before you spew your hatred online.

Obviously that might prove difficult for you, so just go ahead and keep using FOX News to get your "facts". :p :p

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