I ordered a perishable food product from costco, I had my Turducken delivered, and as usual they did the drop and run on the step no knock no doorbell rung, this side up was down, and it clearly says perishable, if I wasn't home to see the truck driving away I wouldn't have got the package, Last time it was another nice looking box on the step for the criminals. I work in the food delivery industry and this is not the way to deliver packages total disregard for the customer how many packages get stolen every year due to this incompetent practice

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #759134

And if the driver had done what many do which is not leave a package unattended in case of thieves you'd complain your turducken was ruined because it was perishable and they returned it back to the hub. Which would you prefer?

Essex, Ontario, Canada #757970

It null and voids the usefulness of a delivery company if they can't get the package to the customer properly. They were most certainly incompetent by leaving a perishable parcel, wrong side up on the steps of someone that was home to receive it. This IS their job and if they can't do it right they should fold their business!


Not incompetent. Do you realize how many deliveries they have in a day?

They can't stand around at each door waiting for an answer. I never have a problem with any delivery because since I know I ordered something, I will be sure somebody is home and watching for the package during the delivery window. Thieves are not the responsibilty of UPS.

Call the cops on that one. From now on, make arrangements and keep an eye out.

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