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1) I live in a large apartment. Have a clear written message to deliver package to office. Driver just leaves package outside my apartment in vestibule.

2) Claim delivered 3000 dollars of medication-got it 3 weeks later/ Insulin-could not use since it was not refrigerated.

3) Never bothers to actually ring door bell. Just leaves a note saying they tried to deliver it.

4) Driver extremely rude, aggressive, threatened me when asked why they keep doing 1, 2, and 3.

5) When complained to customer service nothing happens. Same behavior is repeated over and over. Pattern is consistent no matter where I live and which state.

6) UPS brown shirts=***

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of UPS doing whatever they want. Remember that there are other, better AND less expensive shipping options. Paying top dollar to get the worst service should only even happen to a person once!


You will note i only post on those whiney blogs (ie yours)....or those to dimwitted to help themselves (yes - you again) a vowel and get a clue....BTW missed the mark on everything about me except .... I was also focused on the fact that you are smart enough to post here (or your boyfreind does it for you)...but not smart enough to use the UPS web site to get your packages....jokes on you ..... I get my packages......please continue the whinning....


Conveintly you did not answer my question...."Did you enter your little delivery request in the UPS system"? A pathetic whinney little sticky note on the door will not suffice, nor does it give them legal grounds to divert a package away from the address on the label.

But of course you know all this right? I think you deserved to be treated the way you were...cause honestly...your a nut job ***...


Actually I am not a nut job, just pissed off at the moment and extremely frustrated with the numerous bad experiences I have had with UPS. I will be changing my email requirements so I no longer getting messages about responses to my post.

On the other hand the fact that you actually are reading these comments and others, and then replying suggests, we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Let me guess, you are retired from UPS, and have nothing better to do with your life then read this stuff and reply defending your old company, and your wife is fat? I listed many different issues with UPS. You appear to be focusing only one.

Ah I would estimate you are white and maybe 66 years old, and perhaps on disability, tea party guy etc. and believe in creationism. Your from South Dakota. I believe the state motto is 'Home of the dumb white guys' if I recall.

I can't imagine you are actually working for UPS now, but maybe.


Interesting, UPS handles about 20% more volume than Federal Express. UPS has 8% more complaints than Federal Express when adjusted for volume.

Seems to me they both suck, however, I have never had problems with Federal Express yet. Where I am currently living, it is constant when a UPS driver is involved. It is interesting because half the time UPS contracts the packages to the USPS. When this happens there is never a problem.

I suspect the latest set of problems that cover everything lie with bad drivers that do not care about the people in the city they deliver to. The city is very very poor.


No delivery company is going to go out of their way to comply with your little personal instructions.......its delivered to the door unless you go into the system and annotate accordingly....did you do that highspeed? Sucks to be you...but you now have pissed off the delivery person.....


Hmmm, I pissed off the driver? The UPS drivers wear brown shirts like N-a-z-i-s in the past.

These drivers do not do their job in a business that only survives if customers are not dissatisfied.

It would be interesting if every time a customer complains the drivers retaliate against the costumer. Has Jimmy Hoffa come back to the Teamsters of UPS or is it something worse?