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My last few deliveries have been late with appointments made by ups for delivery. They called and set up the appointment, and then did not deliver on time.

while this may seem like a small gripe, I asked what would happen if no one was there to receive the package, and was told I would be billed $120. I made the appointment, and the delivery time was between Noon and 6 PM on a Friday to a business. I paid an employee 2 Hrs overtime and a $50 cash incentive to stay late. the package was not delivered until 7:30 PM, and the driver marked it delivered @ 6:15 PM.

The hour and a half cost me more to have the employee stay later. The driver was to call me and I made it clear to everyone I talked to that the driver was to call me if there were any issues, he was not given that information by any of the 3 people I talked to.

Then today as I was waiting for a delivery before a trip and checking the status of the package I saw that a delivery attempt had been made. I was at the office, and no attempt was made, I went to the gate and a notice had been left, I do not know why the driver didn't open the gate like they have don on every delivery to this address for the last 7 years but it was what it was. I called hoping to get the package delivered as it was desperately needed for the trip.

The customer service rep basically said I would have to wait until the next day. I laughed and canceled the shipment and called the sender and told them it was coming back and why, and to thank ups for the lost sale.

I have received only canned responses that clearly indicate my complaints were not read only replied to. I wish UPS a short and expensive demise!!!

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Sequim, Washington, United States #636226

ups doesn't make appointments (unless you've subscribed to and paid for my choice) nor do they commit to time frames unless you've paid for an air service.

ups also does not charge if you're not available ($120? pffftt).

all in all you are confused, misguided and/or not presented all of the actual facts.

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