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On Feb 7th, we heard the UPS truck pull up by home. I stepped outside to meet the driver for my expected delivery of a high-end LED computer monitor. There were TWO employees in the truck. One was standing outside (turned out to be the drivers "supervisor") and the driver was in the back of the truck acquiring my package.

I saw one foot poke through the internal doorway (access to the cargo area) and then my package hits the front floorboard of the truck with a nice impact (enough to crush one corner of the box). I stepped behind a bush out of site to see what further mistreatment my package might receive and I hear two more good "thuds!" before they driver approaches me with the package in which he handed to me.

Desperately needing the device for an immediate online conference I took the damaged package and proceeded inside my home, too irritated to speak. The driver and supervisor just proceeded in joking and laughing as they rough-housed packages (or so the sounds implied as they came from the back of their truck before leaving). My box was held together by this point by only part of the tape. Otherwise I could insert my hand into the box in two different locations without opening the package.

Calling the local office and complaining led to this: the driver and supervisor disagreed and they all wrote it off as a misunderstanding vs. having actually done anything wrong. The stand-in supervisor (so she claimed) stated "I am not listening to this and I am hanging up now." -- and that she did.

Note: anytime you cause strong impacts electronics or toss electronic equipment around, there is usually an expectation that if it works at all, it will not last as long as designed due to loosened components inside, etc. The issue remains unresolved.

It to many phone calls with corporate and multiple requests to get a phone call from the location manager. Of which still failed as he claimed he was too busy and had an associate phone me on his behalf (which sounded by voice to be the previous person who hung up on me - though I can not prove this). More phone calls and demands to speak with the location manager was made. The manage eventually called me back and was quite short with me, spoke very firm and quickly and claimed he would get the package replaced by Amazon. This resulted in Amazon contacting me to indicate "it does not work this way" unless UPS purchased another monitor for me (in which they absolutely did not do) and left me dealing with Amazon to attempt for a replacement (of which was handled by the great service provided by Amazon just fine -- something UPS could never live up to)!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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What to take from this: the company supports abusive practices and no care is given from the top down.

Conclusion, poor employee behavior is well supported and consumer expectations of quality caring service is not part of the company vision.

Thank you for your reply's and excuses.


All packages placed in the shipping system are expected to withstand the rigors of shipping. That means new packaging, sufficient cushioning and adequate methods. The unfortunate thing is most companies cheap out on 2 of those three.

A company that ships millions of packages like Amazon never packs properly. I have NEVER seen an Amazon package with more than a couple of air pillows. I assume their feeling is labor and materials cost more than self insuring for the few packages that may get damaged.

While UPS drivers SHOULD handle packages as carefully as is feasible, the reality is all packages travel miles of automated conveyors with other packages running into them. When a 150# crate package runs into your poorly packed amazon carton it will look pretty bad. Make no mistake, THAT is on the person who sold you the goods, NOT the shipper.

Most likely the tape on your package came apart in transit, not in the package car, the driver should have handled the package with care, what you heard in may have been an 8 foot rolled up rug not likely to have been damaged by falling over yet making a large noise, and lastly if you were so very concerned you should have refused delivery.


I found this as I was trying to find a way to file a complaint myself. The two comments are disappointing to see.

As for my complaint, the driver didn't see me and throw down my boxes at my front door. It is peoples "junk" that keeps you emloyed. I know you think the suburban routes are just for birthday presents and department store deliveries. But, in today's business world, more and more people are working out of their homes.

That means more heavy boxes and more electronics. If you would like us to spread the word that your company doesn't care about small business and the entrepreneurial spirit, we can deliver that message better than you can deliver a package.


It was your responsibility to reject the shipment at the time of delivery. You knowingly failed to do so.

This is your own fault.

And all packages are tossed around. They drop up to 15 feet from belt to belt inside the automated sorting areas.

Then once on the truck they aren't stacked neatly, just kind of thrown in and bouncing around with all the other junk.

Again, this is your own fault. UPS did nothing wrong.


You must be a *** to think that this pkg wasn't bounced around on the way to the terminal ,in the sort where the boxes ride belt to the trucks.. sometime ,well most of the time they get smashed ,crushed stepped on you name it..

what happened in the pkg car was the best care it got..DON'T ORDER ANY ELECTRONICS ONLINE>>>YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR JUNK!!!!!

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