The package clearly stated this end up-I heard it hit my steps and landed on its side.he never knocked or rang my bell. It contained flowers that were very dried out by this time.The box looked like it was knocked about in the truck.My son would be very angry to hear about this.It was delivered on Dec 21st at about 5;45 P.M.

Maybe the driver was stressed= but he gets paid to deliver packages in better shape than that one was.

I live in a rural area but that is no excuse. Thanks

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do you think they give a *** if it says fragile,or explosive?i seen ups kick boxes off truck,when he couldnt carry all at a time.its the american way!


There is no "this end up" in shipping. Someone may write it on there, but it doesn't change how it is handled.

Conveyer belts can't read.

This is true of any carrier.(Fedex, USPS, DHL etc.)

And what does the flowers being dried out have to do with UPS? Sounds like the company or person that sent them should have packed them better and sent them faster.

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