Austin Texas ... check local, state and national news for info.

A *** bag UPS driver cut up two dogs (NOT in self defense) with a box cutter. Witnesses stated the dogs were NOT being aggresive and did NOT have a history of being aggressive. The driver slashed both dogs dogs with a box cutter creating serious injuries to both that requiring emergency treatment. There was NO justifiable reason for the attack on the dogs.

UPS has delivered to that location numerous times without incident. UPS should be MORTIFIED and embarrassed. It may be wrong to condem an entire company for the actions of one person, BUT if UPS does not fire that driver me and my company will never use UPS again. The dogs required over fifty stitches and staples ...

those are NOT just small insignificant injuries.

Do the right thing UPS ... fire that michael vic wanna be *** bag !!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Really? NOT in self defense, cause you were there and saw it, right?

There WERE NOT any witnesses, the UPS driver went to the neighbors and TOLD them what happened so they could call the dog owners. Maybe they should get a REAL fence. And who's bright idea was it to pair a PIT BULL and a GREAT DANE together?

I don't judge breeds, but ANY dogs, especially in groups, will have the potential to get aggressive. Know your facts, quit running on ignorance.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #831989

I'm not surprised. I'd do the same to the next driver that dares to come within 30 feet of my door!

Houston, Texas, United States #831036

How can you claim that this was not self defense? I wonder what you would do if a Pit Bull and a Great Dane came running at you barking and you had a box cutter in your pocket?

Houston, Texas, United States #829286

I would agree but these were two huge Great Danes who rushed the driver. The dogs were outside using an invisible fence system when the driver unknowingly stepped into the yard in an attempt to make a delivery.

The dogs both rushed the driver from a blind corner and he defended himself with the only thing he had.

The dogs should have been inside or fenced in. What if it had been a small child who wandered into the yard by mistake. The driver didn't just show up with a box cutter looking to injure someones pets, the customer asked them to come there by ordering a product to be delivered via UPS.

Michael Vick owned, bred and abused dogs for the sole purpose of fighting them and making a profit. This UPS driver defended himself in what he felt was an appropriate manner given the situation.

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